Fran is a girl created by Dr. Naomitsu Madaraki, the world's top biologist. Originally intended to be his assistant, she has taken over his work and home while he is away. Her life is rather uneventful until various medical cases begin falling into her lap, ranging from resurrection to aesthetic surgery.

There is a fair amount of black humor, nearly each story ending with Fran having created some sort of gruesome monstrosity or misfortune of and upon her patients, though seemingly content with the results. Continuity is often rather loose, as individual chapters rarely reference one another. Though recurring characters outside the main cast do exist, arc-based storylines are practically nonexistent.


The final chapter, entitled "Dream", was published as "Episode" 61 of the manga. Notably, the chapter features no elements of the "typical" Franken Fran formula. Instead, most of the chapter consists of Fran being trapped on a sunken ship beneath the ocean, where oxygen deprivation soon leads her to experience a surreal dream - Okita, now a normal human, is her brother, Veronica is no longer a bio-weapon, etc. The dream culminates in an enormous party, which every character to have ever appeared in the manga attends. The "party" then (from the reader's point of view) concludes just as the most important guest - Dr. Madaraki - arrives, a tearful Fran throwing open the door to welcome him in.

In the real world, Okita and Veronica manage to find the sunken ship, and spot the unconscious Fran through one of the portholes. They knock on the porthole, trying to rouse Fran with words.

The final page of the manga shows Fran back at the Madaraki estate, plowing through a standard day of work. It is left ambiguous as to whether she truly was rescued, or whether it is merely part of her hallucinations.