She is one of Fran's companions who is always seen wrapped entirely in bandages. Her job is to collect and store the many organs Fran may need to take on the go. The organs are collected through her "face", which is nothing more than hundreds of tentacles used to tear and collect the organs from the "patient." The organs are stored through out her body and accessed by Fran through many zippers found all over her body.​


Her origin was revealed in an extra chapter 'Memento'. Originally a beautiful, but terminally ill girl, she had a lover who was handsome, but also in a terminal condition. Due to their love for each other, they agreed to give each other their organs upon death, so that the other could live, but the man went back on his word, and took all of Adorea's organs for himself. Dr. Madaraki Naomitsu, the surgeon in charge at the time, modified Adorea into her present condition so she could take back her organs (with interest).


  • In one chapter, she becomes very important as Fran and her assassins get trapped and injured in a tunnel, where one of the assassins appears to admire and almost love Adorea, only to be "collected."

  • She is also afraid of Cockroaches